Ice Fishing for Jumbo Perch, Northern Pike & Walleye.

Day / Dark Houses, 8x12-$115 w/Cabin, $125 w/o Cabin. 8x8-                  $90 w/Cabin,  $100 w/o Cabin.

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Robert Anschuetz, his son, Curt, & Todd Hill....caught these nice crappies on their recent stay at Gus' Place Resort.Minnesota ice fishing at Gus' Place Resort brings guests back year after year.  Combining the hot bite from jumbo perch and crappies with the fully modern, comfortable cabins and easy lake access, folks find us to be one of the best Minnesota ice fishing resorts.  If you prefer to fish several different lakes you'll find great Lake Winnibigoshish ice fishing (aka Lake Winnie or Lake Winnibigosh) just 10 minutes away.  There is terrific Red Lake ice fishing, Leech Lake ice fishing and Cass Lake ice fishing close by as well.

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Our resort offers portable ice house rentals and ice auger rentals and we plow the lake access as needed. We have plenty of newspaper and freezer space for your catch and offer ice fishing guide service for those who want assistance getting on top of the fish.

Now that's a jumbo perch! Click for a larger ice fishing picture.Jumbo Perch Ice Fishing is great on Ball Club Lake at Gus' Place Resort.Ball Club Lake tends to produce very large perch, commonly referred to as jumbo perch. When ice fishing for perch, use a small jig or spoon and fish near the bottom - usually no more than one foot off the bottom, six inches is preferred.  The key to catching perch under the ice is finding them. They tend to school together so if you find one, others should be nearby. When the perch are biting well, you may not need to bring your bait all the way down to the bottom again, usually the aggressive ones will meet your bait on the way down.

Crappies are another popular form of ice fishing for our guests. Crappies are easy to catch and provide a nice sporting fight. They tend to school together and wander all over the lake - so sometimes finding them can prove challenging. If you're going to ice fish crappies we suggest the following tackle: small split shot, a small shiner or fathead minnow, small bobber, small hook, and a light action ice fishing rod. Hook your bait just behind the dorsal fin....and hang on!

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Ice Fishing Equipment Rentals

New Frabill Portable Ice House, 3-man $50 Per Day $300 Per Week
New Frabill Portable Ice House, Single $30 Per Day $180 Per Week
Gas Powered Ice Auger (first tank of fuel included) $35 Per Day $210 Per Week

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Ice fishing for northern pike is one of the most exciting species to target. They are aggressive predators and will take almost anything you offer them. Most of our guests use "tip-ups" when ice fishing for northern pike, although jigging will work also. Northern pike tend to be loners, and are found anywhere in the water column. Fishing 1-4 feet just below the ice is a good place to start. Use large, sharp hooks and remember that northerns are toothy-creatures so if you want to actually land one, you will need a steel leader on the end of your ice fishing line.

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Panfish are plentiful year round on Ball Club Lake.

Ice fishing for Crappies on Ball Club Lake.

Notice to Anglers

Fishing regulations changes.
While on or fishing waters with size restrictions, all fish for which the size restriction applies must have their heads, tails, fins and skin intact and be measurable except when a person is preparing and using such fish for a meal.  Fish prepared and used for a meal still count towards the daily possession limit.
When packing fish, labels identifying the fish must include the name of the lake where the fish was caught and the size of each of the fish that are regulated under a special size limit.